Families for Families

Program Assistance Application

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As you are aware, your tenant has applied for rental assistance through the Families for Families (F4F). In order to process apayment, please complete and return this this form. Once we receive this form, we will begin processing a payment. If youhave any questions, please please give our office a call at 504.208.1700.

Tenant Information
Please verify the following information:
As the landlord, we acknowledge that our tenant is applying for rental assistance through Families for Families (F4F) Housing Assistance Fund. We acknowledge that the funds provided are to go only toward rent payments. We agree to:
• Accept the rental payment.
• Will not pursue eviction for non-payment while receiving rental assistance.
• Waive any late fees or penalties for rent not paid during the period of time the rent payments are received.
• Submit W-9 Form.
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